Marina's Photographic Beginning

UPDATE: In a week I'm out of my apartment and into a cheap room in downtown Tokyo for a few weeks. The stress of moving, like the contents of my apartments, have almost entirely disappeared. I've spent the last 5 days at my girlfriend's family's house spending time with all of them. That's where things are at right now.

A while ago, my girlfriend (and best friend) Marina was feeling dissapointed that she didn't have any hobbies or special interests. Instinctively, I gave her the one suggestion I give pretty much anyone, regardless of what their problem actually is: pick up a camera and start shooting. She said she always wanted to, but told me, "You already take good pictures, so I don't really have to, right?" I laughed, and after a few seconds she realised how dumb that was and laughed too. I promised that when things cleared up a bit, I'd teach her, even though I'm still only learning myself. 

While I was staying with her family this weekend, we had more than enough downtime to fulfil that promise and went for a walk around her neighbourhood with my X-T1. Only this time, it was me waiting for her to take a photo and not the other way around. She immediately understood aperture and the basics of composition. She already has a comprehensive understanding of things like shadows and highlights, since she has to usually listen to me ramble about what it is I'm actually doing in Lightroom... She takes her time with each photo and takes a few at different apertures to experiment, it was really a joy to watch. 

You can check her keepers below, all of which are out-of-camera jPegs.